A PotHeads pipe full of weed,

means feel>better-ness for you and me.


I believe that a pipe should be more. 


    I was tired of hiding my pipes in a drawer or in a box tucked away somewhere. So i decided to make pipes that can be viewed by anyone at anytime. Now i can have a pipe anywhere. Some even compliment the pipe not realizing it is a pipe. By displaying them instead of hiding them they instantly became Art. Art that comes with smiles.

   My pipes are loaded with Feel>better-ness. Each piece is packed full of it. That is exactly what these pipes are about, feeling better. When we ourselves feel>better we tend to help others feel>better. This is what I call "Feel>better-ness". Every pipe is intended to make you smile before it makes you "smile".      Art---pipe--- then feel>better art.

    Typically if someone gives a pipe as a gift,  they would go to a store and get what everyone else has or order one online that was stamped out of a press in China. Usually these are good pipes and they do bring a smile here and there. The problem is that those pipes only come with a smile or two, maybe a few.  If you get them a PotHeads pipe. You would be giving them an endless supply of feel>better-ness. Every time they use it they will smile before and most definitely they will smile after. As a piece of ART, they will proudly disply their piece, not hide it.  By displaying it they pass the feel>better-ness on to others.  When others see it they will smile. Now they feel>better. It just keeps going and going and going. No batteries needed to spread feel>better-ness. Just set one out where it can be seen.

Feeling better is what it's all about.




             Everyone loved them so much that i started sharing the pipes with others. I started giving them away. It made me feel>better and the person receiving it felt better. Not to mention all of our friends who felt better just having a chance to win one.  Win-win every time. i still give one away from time to time on Facebook under  Pot Heads. Friend me there for upcoming giveaways.


Each pipe is marked with a "22".  That 22 stands for feel>betterness.

When you see 22 remember to smile because the universe is smiling at you.

If you really want others to feel>better get them a piece from PotHeads.

One pipe can spread feel>better-ness to anyone you share it with.



they are too hard to give away once you get one ..... hehehe!


Below is the very first PotHeads pipe.

This is the one that started it all.